After disappearing for 140 years, this mythical beast reappeared by magic

After disappearing for 140 years, this mythical beast reappeared by magic

occasionally, Natural species become extinct. But sometimes they reappear suddenly. This is what happened to this bird, which was only observed once and until now was considered an extinct species. After 140 years, this rare bird has reappeared in Papua New Guinea..

“It’s like we found a unicorn.”

result, The bird, known as the bronze-naped pheasant-pigeon, was spotted only once 140 years ago.. It happened in 1882 on Ferguson Island in Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. The animal looked like a large pigeon with a black tail and orange-red wings.

However, scientists made efforts to find him, but he did not give any sign of life. During this trip As of 2019, the brown pigeon has been out of sight, but that doesn’t mean researchers have given up on tracking it down..

So they went back to Ferguson Island and set up camera traps in a particularly dangerous environment because it’s difficult to get to the island. Despite their patience, scientists could not get any signs of life from this pigeon. however, Two days before completing the trip, a pigeon quickly appeared on the cameras set up in the forest..

Scientists no longer believe it After 140 years, the bird showed itself for a few seconds in an area of ​​steep ridges and valleys.. To present-day scientists, this is what they looked like The thought of find the unicorn As one of them explained in a press release.

For now, because of its rarity, ornithologists know very little about it. They don’t know How many people still live on this island? But what is certain The pheasant-pigeon disappeared 140 years before it returned to the delight of bird lovers.

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