5 and 3 nm chips for TSMC’s future US factory

5 and 3 nm chips for TSMC's future US factory

TSMC’s future US factory, which will be located in Arizona, will produce chips not only etched at 5 nm, but also at 3 nm. Morris Chang, founder of Taiwan Semiconductor, confirmed this information during a press conference. Reuters.

A TSMC facility. debt: 曾成訓 (CC BY 2.0).

The site will have two production lines, the first dedicated to 5 nm chips and the second to 3 nm etching. ” It’s almost over “, he added. As Tim Cook recently revealed, the information is important because Apple wants to order electronic components from this factory.

Apple will diversify its chain

Apple will diversify its supply chain in Europe and America

Apple may continue to use 5nm chips in its older products when they roll off the factory floor in 2024. But modern devices like the iPhone 16 (probably a 2024 model) will have to use much thinner components – Why not 2 nm…

The A16 in the iPhone 14 is already etched at 4 nm. TSMC’s US factory has counted on Apple as a customer for years, and if it wants to make a profit on its $12 billion investment, the company must consistently deliver superior workmanship. For Apple, this is a critical issue of the diversity of its supply chain outside of China.

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