Rituals Périgueux » Next opening pending

Rituals Périgueux » Next opening pending

A Rituals store is waiting to open soon in Periqueux Péricourt Dordogne New Aquitaine. So welcome Perigordins and Perigordins who love cosmetics.

The brand’s success lies in transforming ordinary products like shower gels, shaving foams and cleaning products into a unique experience inspired by ancestral wisdom and cultures. Cultural inspiration comes mainly from the Indian and Asian continents.

Rituals Périgueux Store

The success of this Ayurveda-inspired body care brand is real. The brand has 950 own stores worldwide. It is a beauty brand with strong growth in Europe. Growth also goes through regions such as Péricourt Dordogne Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France.

However, there are currently no rites outlets in the entire town of Périgueux. He never had one. Pericourtins and Pericourtins have to travel to another city to find the brand’s cosmetics. You have to travel 142 kilometers to reach the nearest outlet.

Ceremonies near Périgueux (142 km)

Perpignese and Perpignanaises are very motivated to buy products from this brand of cosmetics, so it is necessary to visit the nearest store. The latter is located on the outskirts of the city of Bordeaux. More precisely in the town of Mérignac. If the distance to cover doesn’t scare you, 52 Av. Go to de la Somme, 33700 Mérignac, France

So the exact address of this nearby outlet is 52 Av. de la Somme, 33700 Mérignac, France.

Address 1: 52 Av. de la Somme, 33700 Mérignac, France.

If you are tired of traveling 142 km, you can also participate in our petition to open a ritual in Périgueux, in the Périgord Dordogne Nouvelle-Aquitaine department. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and your opinion will finally count!

More info

You liked this article about Rituals Périgueux. So now you can find more information about the topics discussed in the article below..

Opening soon at your location

It’s happening now for fans of shopping in this Dordogne Péricourt town. The signs below are waiting to open in your Périgord Dordogne. Click on the brand name of your choice for details. Its Opening:

Apart from the list of openings mentioned above, other openings are possible in your city. Therefore, the list of openings in Perigueux in the Dordogne department is not exhaustive.

Petition Rituals Périgueux

To reach a point of sale 142 kilometers away, you think that is too much?!

Finally, help the Rituals brand choose the address of its next store in Perigueux. So indicate your interest in opening this sign in your Dordogne town in the comments below the page.

So welcome to Perigordins and Perigordins. Finally, your opinion matters!

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