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The next opening awaits discounts on beauty products, Normal Towers, Inc Deux-Sèvres New Aquitaine regionSo welcome Dwarsaise and Dwarsaise

The products available in the stores of this brand are diverse and very popular. However, one theme often dominates. In fact, health and beauty products take the top spot. Including the point of sale near you.

Normal Duars shop

In the Deux-Sèvres department in the New Aquitaine region, the Normal store is still waiting for its next opening in Douarx.

We can say that the ordinary store shines because of its absence in this geographical sector of France. This caused great dismay to the Taurasais and the Dwarasais.

Currently there is no store of this discount cosmetics brand in Dwarz city. The town does not even have a suburb! This is one of the most awaited start signs by the Duvarchais and the Duvarchais.

Fortunately, a point of sale has opened in the Deux-Sèvres department in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. The distance to be covered is relatively long. First outlet at 74 km.

Normal near Thouars (74 km)

People are very motivated to buy cosmetics and perfumes, so it is necessary to visit the nearest store. Close to sale in city of Angers, 74 km from Tours.

If the exact address of this nearby store is not available there are many stores in the shopping arcade. If the distance between you and this nearest outlet is 75 Av. Go to Montaigne, 49100 Angers, France. The place where it is located is also known as “La Galerie d’Anjou”.

Address 1: 75 Av. Montaigne, 49100 Angers, France. La Galerie d’Anjou Shopping Centre

If you are tired of traveling 74 km, you can also participate in our petition to open a Sephora in Douarz, in the Deux Sèvres department in the New Aquitaine region. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and your opinion will finally count!

More info

You liked this article about Normal Thouars store. So find out more information about the topics in the article below…

Will be opening soon in the city

This is happening in the city now when it comes to shopping. Thouarsais and Thouarsaises is delighted to welcome new international brands. Find other brands waiting to open in your city of Deux Sèvres. Click on your preferred brand below:

Apart from the list of openings mentioned above, other openings are possible in your city. List of openings in Thouars, Deux Sèvres department, Nouvelle Aquitaine region Not complete.

Manu ordinary thousand

To reach a point of sale 74 kilometers away, you think that is too much?!

Leave a comment below this page to show your interest in opening a discount brand store in the town of Deux Sèvres in the New Aquitaine region. By showing your interest, you encourage the brand to open an outlet in your city.

So welcome to Thouarsais and lovers of Thouarsaises cosmetics at discounted prices. Thanks in advance for your testimony. Finally, your opinion matters!

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