Bauma 2022: No more diesel!

Bauma 2022: No more diesel!

During Bauma at the end of October, engine manufacturers must prove that they can change. Diesel systems had to give way to batteries and other fuels.

In Bama, construction machinery manufacturers were smart. The outdoor aisles at the Munich show, which ran from October 24 to 30, were no surprise. Manufacturers seem to follow their plans to the letter. On the other hand, in the hall of machine manufacturers, the signs of the change of era are more noticeable. At some stage, diesel systems were relegated to the background by alternative devices. For months, manufacturers have been scrambling to offer complete power systems. With this in mind, John Deere Power Systems and Yanmar have taken majority stakes in companies that specialize in batteries.

Mann Brand acquired Austrian company Kreisel Electric in December 2021. The manufacturer has announced its intention to invest in two battery assembly sites, one at its main European plant in Saran near OrlĂ©ans, and the other in the US. For its part, Yanmar has acquired Elio Technologies. The Japanese company particularly highlighted its electric powertrain during the exhibition. ” Now we are able to supply all components from motor to battery Carlo Giudici, Sales and Marketing Director, Yanmar Europe said.

Volvo Penta, a group subsidiary of one of the leaders in the field, delivered a cubic battery module in Bavaria. It comes in addition to the usual square shape, also known as flat pack. “V.SThis new structure brings more flexibility to our customersEduardo Araujo, Volvo Penta’s head of electromobility products, explained Shipyards of France. In addition, the latest version of our batteries released in 2021 has a 40% higher energy density than the previous one. Among other investment projects in the sector, Volvo Group this year started procedures to build a cell factory in Sweden.

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Other engine manufacturers have chosen more cautious directions. Kohler Engines showcased its K-HEM hybrid range ahead of its 2025 launch. All of these products are now compatible with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), the manufacturer said. At John Deere Power Systems, HVO has also become a reference fuel. In addition, the manufacturer has taken a stake in a young American company called Clearflame Engine Technologies, which is working on a high-temperature compression ignition device. It can improve the combustion yield of ethanol or methanol. As the last viable alternative to diesel, hydrogen was the most sensible at Bama. Volvo Penta has unveiled a hybrid hydrogen and diesel combustion engine developed in collaboration with CMB.Tech. According to the manufacturer, mixing this gas with hydrocarbons can reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. This component should be tested on customers in 2023. Kohler is working on a hydrogen combustion engine based on the KDI 2504 model, although no marketing date has been provided.


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