Ticketmaster in crisis as ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s US tour go haywire

Ticketmaster in crisis as ticket sales for Taylor Swift's US tour go haywire

As a result, he was forced to announce on stage on Thursday that he was canceling the public sale that was scheduled to begin on Friday. “Especially due to the high demand (…) and insufficient stock of remaining tickets”. Despite a system of verification of fan accounts and codes to pre-purchase seats, Ticketmaster complained “A Dazzling Bot Attacks”, automatic systems. The company says it received 3.5 billion requests for 2 million tickets sold on Tuesday.

But the singer, who faced setbacks, was challenged by Swifty, a name given to her fans. “I find it very difficult to trust an outside agency”The star responded on his Instagram page on Friday, highlighting the special relationships and loyalty he has had with his fans over the years. “It pains me to see things go wrong without being able to do anything about it.”She added.

Without directly naming Ticketmaster, the 32-year-old star explained that he has no plans. “To make excuses for no one”. “We asked them on several occasions if they could handle this type of request and we were assured they could”she said. “It’s great that 2.4 million people were able to get tickets, but it saddens me that so many of them feel like they had a dream to get them.” He continued, promising to do everything possible to improve the situation.

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