Bank Card: You Should Disable Contactless Payments in These 5 Situations

Carte bancaire : ces 5 situations où vous devez désactiver le paiement sans contact


There are cases of this Disabling Contactless Payments of Bank card Strongly recommended. What are they? ? We will explain everything to you in this article.

Contactless payment: more convenient, faster and more hygienic

Today, many of us use contactless payments. In fact, this device is very practical. Avoids wasting time while paying by card. No need to type the code, just show the card in front of the terminal. Unfortunately, this new payment system has encouraged fraud. For this reason it is sometimes preferable to disable this option.

If method Contactless payment Its Common everywhere in France, which is due to the covid pandemic. In fact, this device prevents buyers from placing their fingers on the terminal. This reduces the risk of infection. Currently, the bank card allows contactless payments Up to 50 euros. Moreover, you cannot pay for the goods purchased this way. You must enter your code at the terminal or pay your bill using another payment method.

This maximum amount was introduced on May 11, 2020. Previously, it was only 20 euros. If maximum amounts are fixed, it is for safety reasons. In case of theft or loss, the volume of fraudulent transactions is low.

Today, purchases of less than 50 euros are made by bank card without touching. Additionally, after the Covid crisis, 80% of traders have prepared themselves To enable this mode fee.

Why disable contactless payment functionality?

If you do not wish to use contactless payment, we may request a non-compliant bank card from you. Bank. The latter is bound to respond positively to your request. So your card will not have NFC technology. That is, there may be a non-correlated function disabled person On a bank card with NFC technology. For this, you should make a request to your banking advisor. Be aware that reactivation is possible any time.

Here are the cases Statistics on it Deactivating the contactless payment function of your bank card is preferable:

  • While traveling abroad
  • If you choose not to use this payment method
  • If you use your smartphone to pay for your purchases
  • In the absence of an anti-NFC security device

Contactless Payment with Bank Card: What are the Risks?

As I said earlier, there is a risk of fraud in contactless payment method. Important: The Bank card hack. We are talking about Tele Pickpocket. The policy is as follows: Individuals Absorbs data Cards thanks to a mobile application that understands chips with the popular NFC technology. Subsequently, fraudsters exploit Stolen data To carry out financial transactions. In most cases, purchases are made Insecure websites and is abroad. Of course, these frauds are in the minority.


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