Aldi Redon » is opening soon

Aldi Redon » is opening soon

An Aldi store is waiting to open soon in Redon on the Ille et Villain in the Brittany region. So welcome Redonnaises and Redonnais.

This hard discounter has succeeded in keeping costs down by using a few principles: a limited selection on shelves, 800 or more brands in stores, few new products, and many private labels to increase margins. The chain keeps its costs down by offering a more relaxed setting to its customers. It is reduced to a minimum: a floor, a roof and a shelf. Products offered are mainly food and daily items, avoiding fresh products.

Aldi Redon store

The Aldi brand now has more than 8,000 points of sale in fifteen countries, but not one has opened in Redon, in the Ille et Vilaine department in the Brittany region. At the moment there are no stores of this major hard discount brand in the entire city.

Aldi Store near Redon (38 km)

Redonnaises and Redonnais are tempting to shop for hard-to-find discount products, so it’s worth visiting the nearest store. There is no one within 38 km radius around you. The closest is actually in Herbignac. It is located at 1 Bd de Brière (RD774), 44410 Herbignac, France.

Address 1: 1 Boulevard de Briere (RD774), 44410 Herbignac, France

If you’re tired of traveling 38 km, join our petition to open an Aldi in Redon, Ille et Villain, in the Brittany region. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and your opinion will finally count!

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Will be opening soon in the city

This is happening in the city now when it comes to shopping. Redonnaises and Redonnais are delighted to welcome new international brands. Discover other brands waiting to open in your Ille et Villane area of ​​Brittany. Click on your preferred brand below:

Aldi opens Red

Do you think buying your products at a steep discount is too much to reach the outlet 38 kilometers away?!

Want a Grand Frais Ile et Vilaine brand in your city? Then testify! Mention your preference in the comments to see which store is open in your geographic area.

Your feedback helps the brand show where it should open its next stores.

So welcome Redonnaises and Redonnais. Thanks in advance for your testimony. Finally, your opinion matters!

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