Source Code Floats Online, Rockstar Reacts

GTA V Online sauvegardes

Rockstar Games’ descent into hell continues as the source code for GTA 5 finds its way online.

A few months ago, Rockstar Games suffered One of the biggest hacks in video game history. His next game GTA 6, more than 90 videos and images have ended up on the web in free circulation. A good portion of the game was revealed before it was properly formalized. As a new gem has just been discovered, this heist isn’t just a hacker’s catch at the time.

Part of the source code GTA 5The franchise’s last playable installment for now has resurfaced as proof. This post on Reddit. It contains information about the game that is usually kept secret, such as script functions, notes about certain game elements (camera, graphics, cinematics), and information about DLCs.

A serious action but low consequences

If it does not match the severity of the leak GTA 6, the leak of this part of the source code was another blow to the studio, which reacted immediately. Within minutes, the source code in question was removed from the sites it appeared on, thus testifying to its authenticity. At this time, the company has not revealed itself in this case, so we have not received any official information.

More patience is needed before we know more about Rockstar’s upcoming plans, while the studio tries to somehow recover from this blow. Visibility of the leak, unless developers’ work is blocked or destroyed GTA 6 undermined the morale of the troops and especially contributed to the harassment the company had been experiencing for some years.

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Several players have commented on the alleged poor quality of the leaked footage, despite the videos being early in the development process. So they aren’t representative of the graphics that will be at release, especially since this was one of the last features of the game to be coded. What is it for? GTA 6 Instead, it was very proud at the time of the leak.

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