Il s’étend sur 6.000 ha : Un plan d’aménagement de la zone limitrophe du port Dakhla Atlantique dans le pipe

It covers an area of ​​6,000 hectares: Development plan for border area of ​​Dakla Atlantic Port in Pipeline

It covers an area of ​​6,000 hectares: Development plan for border area of ​​Dakla Atlantic Port in Pipeline

The Urban Agency of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab recently launched a study to develop a development plan for the area bordering the port of Dakhla Atlantique, which will cover a total area of ​​6,000 hectares.

In detail, according to the 2014 RGPH, the city of Dakhla is today a city-region, housing more than 75% of the population of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region. The great disparity of the urban structure of the region.

In addition, the construction of Dakhla Atlantique port south of Ntireft and a fishing port and an important industrial zone north of Dakhla city, together with the construction of Dakhla Atlantic port, is likely to create and create a regional balance capable of liberating Dakhla city. , gradually, the birth of a new city sheltering workers’ families, public services and indirect and induced activities, will not fail to develop as the population increases.
Between the fishing village of Ntireft and the port of Dakhla-Atlantique, on the one hand, between the city of Dakhla and the southern coast (the development of tourism on the mainland of the Gulf, Bir Gandouz, Lamhiriz and international transport activities to Mauritania and other Africa, on the other hand, the strategic position of the area bordering the port of Dakhla-Atlantique – economic The pole (Daqla, Ntireft, El Argoub ) provides a pivot role, generating important economic activities that contribute to the concretization of “Grand Daqla”.

To do this, the Urban Agency of Dakla has recently issued a call for tenders, which is an invitation to implement the development plan, and which aims to define the land use rules and development strategy. Border area of ​​Dakla Atlantic port based on qualitative view. The area has an approximate area of ​​6,000 hectares.

This development plan for the area bounded by Dakla-Atlantic Port has the ultimate objective of designing regulatory planning support to improve the levels of future urbanization and orientation and control methods expected after the creation of Dakla Atlantic Port. Identification of development levers and definition of actions to be implemented, in consultation with local actors, to address the dysfunctions hindering the development of the study area and to consider the main trends in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region. Also to harmonize the SDAU orientations of the Oued Eddahab Bay, the options adopted within the framework of the Regional Land Use Planning Program (SRAT), the Regional Development Plan of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab (PDR) region ) and studies related to the development of the Dakhla-Atlantic port, especially for the future industrial logistics zone of the Dakhla Atlantic port ( ZIL) STUDY OF MASTER PLAN.

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