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1899 Season 2: The Sequel Never Seen the Light of Netflix?!

You’ve probably devoured Jantje Fries and Baron Bo Oder’s new original work (especially the unforgettable ” Darkness “). This time, the two screenwriters have taken it to the next level, and may turn out to be a sequel to 1899! The final chapter left us hungry as several pieces of the puzzle were missing, but that’s perfectly normal.

As Jantje Fries once explained Interview That 1899 season 2 will be produced only if the first eight episodes can convince the subscribers.. To our surprise, the streaming platform Did not pre-order 1899 season 2 So is there really a risk of not seeing the end result? It is possible…

We’re revealing all the information we have on 1899 Season 2 release date on Netflix

The streaming platform’s new nugget is exciting Darkness But even more complicated without taking the risk of losing viewers along the way! Netflix has invested millions in the fictional show, even going so far as to allow the technology to be used. Vol It replaces traditional green screens with ultra-high definition LED screens.

So the rendering is stunning, the first reviews are good, but the streaming company is not interested in such things when making decisions. If 1899 season 2 will be produced. The only data that matters is how many hours you watched. It’s simple: if the eight chapters can meet the objectives set by the American company, it will renew…

So it’s too late to know 1899 Season 2 will be ordered Generally stage leaders expect at least four weeks to look back. So we should be sure about the fate of our heroes by the end of December. Then, once the series creators were given the green light, They can start writing the script for 1899 season 2 !

1899 Season 2: Trailer Coming Soon?

The production of the first season took almost Two years of work That means the original creation won’t return for a very long time… First images of 1899 Season 2 It won’t come out for at least a year. We might be entitled to some photos from the shoot to keep us waiting…


What is the release date of 1899 season 2 on Netflix?

Success is thanks to the fame of the creators Darkness But if subscribers don’t finish the series, they can’t order the sequel. Let’s say Netflix agrees to premiere the new episodes 1899 Season 2 release date won’t be set until 2024.

The sequel won’t be ready until the end of next year Season 2 is from 1899 to early spring 2024. Obviously these are just speculations but knowing that shooting will take at least six months and post-production at least a year, don’t expect the series to return for another year.

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