A small key truck converted into a monster truck wins the Hot Wheels Legend Tour

A small key truck converted into a monster truck wins the Hot Wheels Legend Tour

GAY TRUCKS Japanese minivans are notorious for their fragility. So imagine turning them into a monster truck!

A Key truck has changed Monster-truck, which is the best of the year. These vehicles are familiar to those who read manga or watch Japanese anime. It is actually a A Japanese variant of the minivan, simple matter. Not particularly beautiful, not fancy. The idea is to provide a practical van widely used in agriculture, livestock and fishing Southeast Asia.

So inevitably, imagining such a machine in monster truck competitions would be pretty confusing. And yet, this is what happened Hot Wheels Legend Tour. The event took place a few days ago in Texas. The American toy company owned by Mattel Group has been running car competitions for some time. And the worst thing is Monster Truck Key Won this year’s edition!

Monster Truck Transformed Key Truck Wins 2022 Edition of Hot Wheels Legend Tour!

Hot wheels In fact since 2018 it has been organizing its Hot Wheels Legend Tour every year. It’s not a car race, but a competition Creativity. The initiative was taken in 2018 as it was the 50th anniversary of the American company. But apparently, the idea was liked and a new version was presented this year. The purpose of the Legends Tour Reward vehicles It has three basic characteristics:CredibilityThe Creativity And this “Garage Spirit”.

This tournament has had some nice surprises since its inception! In 2018, it won the completely unconscious vehicle version, A 2 Z-jet. She continued Nash In 2019, A 1970 Pontiac Firebird In 2020 and A Volvo P1800 Kaiser In 2021. These winners have one thing in common: they are unique in the world and their style is absolutely wacky! For once, a Mattel subsidiary has decided to reward the Key Truck with a completely redesigned one Monster-truck This year!

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The biggest key truck in history

No one has ever seen such a big Kayi truck. These Japanese vehicles are very weak and fragile, they are equal Banned on roads with other approved vehicles in many countries. There, the vehicle is also likely to be disallowed, but the reasons are very different. In fact, one designer took it upon himself to fit a key truck with the most basic comfort. Absolutely gigantic wheels.

The effect is very impressive as the key truck’s wheels are now approx Cabin size! It’s no wonder Hot Wheels rewarded this model. Usually, the company should even produce a toy version. The latter should soon be offered in all toy stores worthy of the name!

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