Warm start to winter: Big season in perspective

Warm start to winter: Big season in perspective

Cannon start

Can November set the tone for winter? Early in the season, if snowstorms follow each other at a frantic pace, the result can be fatal. Our expert noted two recent instances where November snow was heavier than usual. Keep in mind that, on average, Quebec gets a little more than four broadsides a month.

“November gives us the first winks of winter,” Meteorologist Régène Ouimet announces. “It’s common to see the first accumulations, especially in the Nordic region or mountainous terrain. We have the perfect conditions for persistent snowstorms. It’s cold enough to justify snow, but not too much to prevent it. Then will win together. Rate than normal November. Thus in the months of November 2014 and 2019 these months were twice the normal taxes in Quebec.”

Storms Nov. 2 b

Lots of snow

Between 2014 and 2019, Quebec received about thirty broadsides, which is above average. Also, the number of major episodes was also high. November set the tone and the reign was active in December as the province recorded 13 latitudes before the winter solstice.

“To get there, we had rows of broadsides every 2 to 4 days, on and off. Both winters had more than 15cm of snow, but more big snowfalls (25cm and more). So a big start to the snow season. A lot to say about winter.”

Storms November 3

Endless winter

Can the Lions keep pace all winter when the season starts? In 2014 and 2019, the rhythm imposed in November faded in the following months. Note, however, that in both cases the snow was dragging.

“The lead taken in November was able to be maintained throughout the winter, Rejean Ouimet believes. In fact, this pace was not constant throughout the season. In both cases, we have experienced a renewed activity since the middle of the season. – February.”

Storms November 4

In collaboration with Rejean Ouimet and Patrick Duplessis, meteorologists.

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