PLF 2023: Ministry of Economy and Finance releases Citizens Budget

PLF 2023: Ministry of Economy and Finance releases Citizens Budget

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has published the Citizens Budget Finance Bill (PLF) for the financial year 2023 on its website.

This simplified document aims to ensure a better understanding of the next year’s Finance Bill and its various provisions.

Therefore, this new issue goes into detail on the four orientations of this PLF, namely:

Strengthening the foundations of the social state.

Revival of national economy through support of investment.

Consecration of Territorial Equality.

Restoring budget margins to ensure sustainability of reforms.

He mentions the tax and customs measures proposed by the PLF 2023, in this regard, ‘these measures are adopted annually through the provisions of the Finance Act, as part of the government’s efforts to restart the economy. ‘Strengthening the national economy, public revenue collection and ultimately improving the living conditions of citizens’.

Also, Citizen Budget presents macroeconomic forecasts, revenue and expenditure and financial requirements of the state budget in a concise and concise manner.

It focuses on classifications of government expenditure while also highlighting tax expenditure.

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