Elon Musk fired on Twitter, an engineer criticizes his methods

Elon Musk fired on Twitter, an engineer criticizes his methods

A Twitter employee has been fired for criticizing the posts of the site’s new owner, Elon Musk.

Eric Fraunhofer, an engineer at Twitter for eight years, learned he was being fired in a tweet from his new boss, Elon Musk, on November 14. After he was expelled, he denounced it media Forbes New methods of management. Half of Twitter’s 7,000 employees have been laid off or resigned since acquiring the network, and Elon Musk is now making layoffs, in real time, in the form of simple tweets.

Eric Fraunhofer worked on Twitter for the Android platform. On November 13, the Twitter boss tweeted that “Twitter needs to apologize for being so slow in so many countries.” A few hours later, Eric Frohnhofer responded: “I’ve worked on Twitter for Android for about 6 years and I can tell you it’s wrong”. The next day, Elon Musk fired his employee in a tweet (since fired) saying “he’s fired”.

No contact from Twitter

Five hours later, access to his work computer was cut off. The engineer, who shared a screenshot of his currently inaccessible machine, says he did not receive any official word from the company at the time about his termination. “They are cowards,” he believes ForbesRefers to Twitter’s management team.

According to him, Twitter’s new management is a “dumbbell”. He explains: “No one trusts anyone in the company anymore”. “How can a business function? Employees don’t trust new management. Management doesn’t trust employees,” he lamented. Eric Fraunhofer is “concerned” about Twitter’s future, particularly about how employees are treated.

There is another engineer named Ben Leib And were fired After calling his new boss, Musk calls himself a “free speech absolutist.” Twitter has also disbanded its public relations department since the October 28 acquisition.

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