North America is in the cold

North America is in the cold

A large atmospheric crater brings an icy cold. Most surprising? It extends into northern Mexico.

Cold everywhere

The magnitude of this cold is amazing because it is about to take over an entire continent. Almost all of North America is affected and the season is going below normal. America in particular is roasting with a difference of almost 6°C in some places. Among them, the Midwest wins the coldest prize, an anomaly of nearly 10 degrees Celsius.

This icy current from the Arctic brings its share of surprises as it drops cold on the continent. Who it benefits: In return, Alaska and northern Canada will experience slightly milder-than-normal temperatures.

Cold quantity

From one extreme to another

However, the beginning of autumn in the province holds a completely different promise. In fact, the first half of the month still wore the sweet smell of summer: less than 6 days crossed the 20°C mark and we recorded a temperature of 25.3°C on November 5th. So awareness is very cruel. Heat shock is very real, even if the odds are not so significant in Quebec.

Warm November

The first week is winter worthy

So it should come as no surprise that winter is upon us on Sunday evening. This trend will continue throughout the week, peaking on Wednesday. Daytime mercury should be 0°C or lower for many areas. Nights are also chilly, dropping below freezing in many places.

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Along with meteorologist Catherine Aubrey

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