Mathematics becomes “compulsory” from first public school to high school again

Mathematics becomes "compulsory" from first public school to high school again

This is one of the most controversial activities Blanker reformation : Eliminating the teaching of mathematics from the common core of first grade. After two years of twists and turns, the Ministry of National Education, on Sunday, November 13, announced a re-indoctrination. “Duty” Mathematics in the first year of public examination from the beginning of the academic year 2023.

“This will return teaching math to all high school students.”Minister of National Education Bob Ndiaye confirmed Maintenance to do Echoes. He notes that action is applicable “All students who fail in Mathematics” And these So there will be an extra hour and a half of lessons per week ».

He pointed out that there is also a ministry “Sange, in this hour and a half First is an additional, reconciliation module, and secondly, an hour to an hour and a half per week, for those who are in great difficulty,” Its parameters are yet to be defined.

Twists from 2019

After the reform implemented in 2019, the disappearance of mathematics from the compulsory general core, the academic community, researchers, big employers and politicians were concerned about the decline of the science group and the strengthening of social and gender inequalities.

During the 2022 presidential campaign, candidate Macron promised to return mathematics to the common core if re-elected. He was re-elected as President in May. He was cast in early June The subject was first reintroduced from the start of the school year in September, as an option, at the rate of one and a half hours per week for volunteer students.

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While the Ministry of National Education is still waiting for final figures, it estimated in mid-October “Less than 10%” Eligible high school students have opted for this course This year, a minority of them.

“Sync All Students” with Course

Announced ahead of a mathematics conference scheduled for Monday to Wednesday in Paris, the withdrawal of compulsory mathematics is part of a strategy led by National Education Minister Bob Ndiaye. He was appointed to the government last May Mr. Instead of blanker. The latter aims to be built by 2023 “Mathematics Promotion Year” with two objectives “Reconcile all students” With this discipline and “Promote equality among girls and boys”.

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This strategy minimizes the formation of groups with reduced numbers in 6th grade mathematics.e Or goals such as female-male parity by 2027 in mathematics, physico-chemistry or specialized mathematical specialties are considered highly selective.

Although France is renowned for its tradition of excellence in mathematical research, with thirteen Fields Medal winners – The last of which was awarded this year to Hugo Duminil-Goppin36-year-old French probability mathematician – French students face increasing difficulties in learning the discipline.

As a result, a quarter of third-graders did not achieve the expected level of math at the end of college, the ministry recalled in its press release. “ Secondly, 20 to 25% of them are unsatisfactory.”The National Education Minister said in an interview to Echoes.

However, this level has decreased, he added “universal”and that'” We should not simply dump the responsibility at the previous level. “Each level has to do its part in this area, and we have to work in a coordinated way up to higher education.”, Mr. Ndiaye continues.

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