Extraordinaire in the Meta: Crowland parodies the Metaverse with a hilarious sketch!

Extraordinaire in the Meta: Crowland parodies the Metaverse with a hilarious sketch!

Greenland expressed his view that The Metaverse And, at least that’s what we can tell The review is realistic and funny, see for yourself. If you could escape for a moment and live a high-end lifestyle in virtual reality, would that be enough for you? By extension, If France provides for every Frenchman MetaQuest Pro At 50 €, with a Horizon Worlds Worthy of the name, would you be more willing to accept that your reality is affected? ?

The idea is as old as the world itself, yet is being smoothly implemented by groups Greenland. This idea of ​​”entertaining” oneself, creating a “diversion,” to the point of oblivion or trying to escape from harsh reality has not been at the center of discussions.Literature, radio, cinema, television, video games, serials and now The Metaverse. Don’t forget that either The question is central to the film A ready player.

Addiction issues (The term addiction is scientifically incorrect) It can be expanded on social platforms in the future. We can only recommend a balanced lifestyle and experience to better understand and protect the “real” world you desire.

Like the central character of Episode 8 of The Fourth DimensionFeaturing a literary enthusiast out of touch with reality, Maybe reality catches up with you like it did him by the end of the episode.

If you want to elevate your reality, know that you can always give of yourself Meta Quest 2 want Fnac, Darty Or Amazon For €449.99. On the other hand, if Pico 4 catches your eye and you’re patient on the break, you can order the 256 GB models (499 €) or 128 GB (429 €) on Amazon.

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