The new Gmail imposes on you

The new Gmail imposes on you

This November, Google plans toImpose a new user interface for the web version of its news service Gmail. She is a Introduced at the beginning of the year and experienced a gradual rollout.

Although the new view became the default, it was optional. However, it is always possible in the settings to request a return to the previous Gmail view. Hence the possibility of disappearing.

A New Integrated Vision

This new Gmail was presented as an evolution with the aim of simplifying the use of various applications and switching from one application to another. A called integrated vision Gmail brings Chat (discussions), Spaces (spaces) and Meet (video conferences) via buttons on the left. Hovering over the buttons brings up the context menu.

The goal is to unify services to switch between emails, important conversations and meetings without having to switch between tabs or open a new window. The look is very compact and attention-grabbing with notifications on app icons.

Gmail-new interface

In Chats and Spaces, you can get a complete list of chats and spaces on one screen. In Inbox, the view shows all available labels. The search bar displays all results for messages in email and discussions.

There is customization

The interface is highly customizable and it is not mandatory to display the Google Chat and Google Meet apps for use in Gmail. They can be removed inside Quick setup settings.

Gmail-new interface

Likewise, Gmail’s theme, inbox type, and other things can be changed through quick settings.

The general aesthetic of the new interface has been touched up with Google Sans Text, including better readability at smaller font sizes.

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