Dictatorship, burkinis and reversals in start-ups: Who is Eric Piol, the EELV mayor of Grenoble?

Dictatorship, burkinis and reversals in start-ups: Who is Eric Piol, the EELV mayor of Grenoble?

In September 2013, as the municipal elections approached, Eric Piol, in his forties and a regional councilor since 2010, was the messiah of the Grenoble left, uniting the Greens, anti-socialists, the Left Party, the anti-capitalist left and local associations. . Bernays, of Basque descent, came to Grenoble at the age of twenty to study at the National Polytechnic Institute and never left the city where he raised a family of four children. Married to his Catholic girlfriend from Louis-Barthou high school in Pau, this CNRS researcher’s son, the youngest of four siblings, has been a member of Amnesty International since his youth, involved in associations for school support and for the undocumented. Engaged in a partnership of entrepreneurs, he becomes sweet, cultured and playful. The icing on the cake: a senior executive at Hewlett-Packard who was fired in 2011 for opposing a relocation plan.

In 2010, with ten years of seniority and a salary peaking at 184,000 euros, the former director of logistics for the “Services” activity for the Europe, Africa and Middle East region was awarded his “professional and moral damages”, under a transaction protocol. With a six-figure sum and a confidentiality clause. Tired of seeing job cuts follow one another? Angered by his employer’s “Made in China” planned obsolescence? Byol gave up a comfortable salary in the name of his “ethics”. To grow together (2019) “ In 2014, I was a civil servant in Moirans [près de Grenoble] And as a citizen, I find his candidacy fascinating “Emilie Salas, opposition municipal councilor and former LREM deputy of Isère. From participatory budgeting to citizens’ initiative referendums, Eric Piol is a “ Municipal social and environmental protection » 120 Daring Actions by a New Man… Or Almost.

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