Saturday November 12: Be aware of heavy fog this morning

Saturday November 12: Be aware of heavy fog this morning

to remember

Many mists morning

Good weather Afternoon except under low cloud over northern and eastern plains

Morning refreshment continuously Afternoon dessertexcept under low cloud

Evolution compared to yesterday

Calm and steady autumn weather like yesterday, with mist and plenty of low cloud following the sunshine this morning, except in the east, where high pressure prevails. In Languedoc-Roussillon, after a mixed Friday, this Saturday the suns are needed quickly. It’s mild and reaches 20°C in the afternoon across the south-west, where the feeling is spring-like, worthy of late May.

Area wise details

of Brittany to do Aquitaine Basin, be careful on the roads due to fog this morning! Later, the afternoon will be sunny and very pleasant weather.

Minimum: 3 to 7°C Maximum: 16 to 21°C from Brest to Biarritz

of Alsace plain And some Lorraine to do Chan Valley and at Lyonnais, you cannot see much of the sun due to low clouds and fog. The feeling may not be very pleasant. If you can, take a little hike towards the Vosges, Morvan and Jura, find sun and softness, and contemplate the sea of ​​clouds at your feet.

Minimum: 3 to 7°C maximum 9 to 15°C thin

In Languedoc, you benefit from progress despite some clouds. In Provence Côte d’Azur, you spend the day under cloudy skies. Mild in the afternoon.

Minimum: 5 to 13°C Maximum: Average 20°C in the afternoon

everywhere elseThe dispersal of the mists will be more or less rapid, and you will enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon, perfect for traveling through forests and urban parks under mild spring winds.

Minimum: 3 to 8°C Maximum: 15 to 20°C, up to 23°C near the Pyrenees

Subsequent trend : Tomorrow is Sunday, November 11, the last day of this extended weekend, and you will continue to enjoy pleasant weather in the mountains and west. But in the east and north, low clouds will again be more abundant. Near the Mediterranean, instability will settle in Corsica with stormy rain.

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