Morocco and Egypt for sustainable development

COP27 : Le Maroc et l’Égypte pour un développement durable
The agreement in question was signed between Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Minister Leila Benali and Egyptian Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad.

This is part of the objective of establishing cooperation through several mechanisms such as exchange of experiences and information, access to environmental strategies and policies of both countries, promotion of partnerships between technical experts and all parties working in the environmental sector. Coordinating positions between the two countries through security, implementation of joint environmental studies and projects, presence, participation and exchange of views at the meetings of the Arab League, United Nations Environment Assembly and other authorities and non-official international organizations.

The conference will, in fact, establish an institutional and legislative framework for environmental and sustainable development, environmental assessment of projects, climate change adaptation and mitigation, development of renewable energies, etc. Management, Marine Pollution Control, Integrated Management of Transboundary Solid and Hazardous Wastes.

In addition, it aims at cooperation in various fields such as integrated management of natural reserves, biodiversity conservation, rehabilitation of ecosystems, environmental planning for sustainable development of urban and rural areas, environmental indicators, sustainable development. , Environmental Education. , modern technologies, environmental innovation,
Environmental saving

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