While America is still waiting for election results, attention has already turned to 2024

While America is still waiting for election results, attention has already turned to 2024

While America is still waiting for election results, attention has already turned to 2024

Full results from the midterm legislative elections await Thursday in the United States, where Joe Biden was delighted his camp beat predictions of a crushing defeat, but attention has already shifted to the 2024 presidential election.

The Democratic president will have to deal with a House of Representatives in the hands of Republicans, which will complicate the rest of his term, but promises that the victory of his opponents will be much smaller than they thought.

Control of the Senate was still uncertain. The final structure of the suspended ceiling, with three locations, should really only be known in weeks. It could take several more days to count votes in Arizona and Nevada, and a runoff in Georgia is scheduled for Dec. 6.

For a long time, Republicans promised a “red tide,” even a “tsunami,” to take back both chambers from their rivals.

“It didn’t happen,” Joe Biden, 79, enthused at an all-smiling press conference on Wednesday, calling Nov. 8, a day of historically dangerous elections for the party, “a good day for democracy.” .

The president focused his campaign heavily on protecting democracy and rights, including abortion rights. He urged Americans to shun the extreme fringes of the conservative camp and its “extreme MAGA philosophy,” going so far as to describe its ideology as “quasi-fascism.”

The acronym MAGA stands for former President Donald Trump’s iconic slogan “Make America Great Again,” which was “stolen” from him by 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Republicans have emphasized in their campaign more about the economy and inflation, which has reached record levels.

– 2024, already –

Asked Wednesday about the 2024 election, President Biden reiterated that he was “in” to run for a second term, but would confirm it “early next year.”

Because the race for the White House is already arranged.

Mr. who was very present during the campaign for the mid-term elections. Trump will be ready to set off again to take over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: he promises a “very big announcement” on November 15.

But the mixed performance of his foals cast a shadow over his plans and called into question his reputation as a kingmaker.

He himself admitted on his Truth Community site that the midterm results were “somewhat disappointing” in a way.

on Thursday before attacking the “false narrative from the corrupt media that I am angry about the by-elections”. “I’m not angry at all, I did a great job (I’m not a candidate!) and I’m too busy looking to the future,” he said, adding that he picked “many winners” among his supporters. .

Not everyone has the same opinion. He accused the New York Post tabloid, owned by the influential Murdoch family, of “ruining” the ballot for Republicans by being harshly critical of Democrats and until recently sympathetic to the former president. In his columns.

After all, the elections today have made it possible to consolidate his most important Republican challenger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was successfully re-elected on Tuesday.

Mr. DeSantis gave a widely-watched victory speech looking ahead to 2024. “The fight has just begun,” joked the man who made Florida a laboratory for his ideas and a springboard to the White House.

As for former Vice President Mike Pence, he conveniently released an extract from his memoirs the day after the next presidential election. His book, in which he describes the pressures to change the results of the 2020 presidential election, will be published on November 15 – the same day as Donald Trump has promised.

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