This is what humans will look like in 900 years with smartphones... and our descendants will be terrified in 3000.

This is what humans will look like in 900 years with smartphones… and our descendants will be terrified in 3000.

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. Cell phones have long ceased to be used for phone calls. Alarm clock, messaging, entertainment, camera… In the heart of this hyper-connected world, it’s hard to do without this multifunctional object.

Many experts are already warning about the effects of the waves it emits, the addiction its use can cause, the effects it can have on our eyes, our posture, etc. Rheumatologists also point to the development of ” Technical neck(“Techno Neck”). Looking at our phone while lowering our head, which weighs 4.5 to 5.5 kg in adults, is equivalent to putting 27 kg of stress on the neck.

Free sharingAn American company that specializes in communication tools reveals how addiction to technology can affect you Human resource development and change its morphology. It can present significant anatomical changes due to the use of smartphones and other computers and tablets.

Using 3D and data collected from experts, the company designed a futuristic woman named Mindy who lives in the year 3000. He bears the scars of misuse of technologies for a long time.

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Mutations in humans

In 900 years, man has a back and a hump because he turns his eyes downward to look at his smartphone. His elbow is naturally bent at 90 degrees as it is suitable for the position taken to hold the phone. Text Claw will be generalized. This means that the hands and fingers are permanently curled and bent. The skull is long and thick. Humans can develop a large inner eyelid to counter the excessive exposure to light generated by screens. This blink may be lateral. The company also says: The lens of the eye can be formed so that it blocks incoming blue light, but not higher wavelength light such as green, yellow, or red. “.

According to the company, Evolutionary theory points to a tiny human in the future. Because survival no longer depends on being the biggest and strongest of the species. “.

The company also did not forget to highlight the changes that technology is having on our generation’s mental state and their interactions with others. We can already measure the damage done by technology in terms of safety, anxiety, depression, sleep etc.

Mindy’s second eyelid ©

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