Astroport and Fourpoint have a plan for the Moon

Astroport and Fourpoint have a plan for the Moon

Born out of the will of Luxembourg and the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Space Resources Innovation Center has set up its base in Luxembourg. Two of the start-ups that won a funding program launched this fall have decided to join forces around their base on the moon where spacecraft can land and take off.

Historically, this move fits perfectly with ESA’s Artemis program, which includes the American Astroport, which specializes in fusing regolith to create moon rocks, and the Polish Fourpoint, which has focused on stand-alone engines.

Together, they want to form an “LLP”.

These are two of the five start-ups selected in the first group of Young Innovative Companies by Esric out of 33 candidates from 17 countries. Apparently, in the official press release, they are exactly the source of the core.

“We are very pleased with our participation as the only American company selected to participate in this European project,” said Sam Jimenez, Space Architect and CEO of Astroport. “Through SSP, we learned about FourPoint and their combined capabilities. We look forward to leveraging our common capabilities and technologies to build the lunar infrastructure together.

“Participating in ESRIC’s SSP has given us a unique opportunity to connect with the extraordinary companies and individuals who are building the lunar economy of the future,” said FourPoint CEO Marek Wilgucki. “Our cooperation with Astroport will allow us to increase our knowledge, develop new technologies and develop economic cooperation between Luxembourg, the United States and Poland.”

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