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Black Friday Amazon

Amazon and AliExpress are unleashing their full force in the battle this November. On the one hand, the former has chosen to pre-empt Black Friday by rolling out attractive mid-term offers. On the other hand, the second one performs in a single-day event.

Singles Day on AliExpress is Thursday, November 10-12, so don’t wait. Several shares have already occurred on Thursday. For this move or the expected Black Friday on Amazon, don’t get distracted or you’ll be too late. We have prepared a list for you.

Check out the deals on AliExpress

Check out the deals on Amazon

Black Friday and Single Day Offers:

To view single day offers, here:

Check out the deals on AliExpress

November is the best time of the year to secure business with internet merchants. This is valid for Black Friday and Singles Day as these are the biggest special activities held by the heavyweights of e-commerce. Therefore, Amazon and AliExpress will fill the Internet with offers during this period.

What are Black Friday and Single Day Deals?

It’s worth taking a closer look at the e-commerce players in November when they offer their best deals. For good reason, Black Friday and Singles Day aren’t necessarily aimed at the same tips. And Amazon and AliExpress aren’t the only ones talking about them.

In fact, this early Black Friday is leading to huge discounts on other brands. This is the case with mattresses from German manufacturer Emma, ​​with offers of up to -65% on Thursday. At the same time, Boursorama Bank or NordVPN and Bitdefender also have small nuggets that are perfect for ensuring your security while you use the computer.

Check out the deals on AliExpress

Once Black Friday begins on Amazon, the merchant doesn’t do things by halves, so he also offers key offers on a good number of premium notes. For its part, AliExpress focuses only on a single day with exclusive discounts, which uses relationships with Asian brands to reduce prices, we found new offers on Xiaomi, Roborock, Poco and OnePlus.

Ultimately, all product categories are targeted during this single day and Black Friday week. Obviously, technology has caught the attention of AliExpress and Amazon, where this product category is always subject to surprising discounts. This is still the case with 2 traders this week in November.

How do these functions work?

There are a few things to consider to ensure you get the most out of Black Friday and Singles Day. First of all, it should be taken into account that these special operations are mainly focused on flash sales. So they are very attractive, but very limited by time and stocks. These are the preferred deals to make maximum savings.

Where a single day differs from Black Friday, AliExpress always has its discounts with a code that must be entered to get the most favorable rate. This is available on each product page, so it may vary. In any case, remember to add it before confirming the order with the merchant.

On the other hand, know that you can add this page to your favorites to follow all the Black Friday and Prime Day offers. We update these regularly to avoid disappointment resulting from stockouts. If you’re still in doubt about a tip you like, know that you’re always entitled to a second chance on Amazon and AliExpress. This safety net is called the withdrawal period, which is mandatory in France and allows you to return the order free of charge for at least 14 days after receiving it.

Finally, also know that delivery is free during Black Friday. This applies to AliExpress and Amazon, the latter of which ships orders directly from warehouses in France. You have the cards to take advantage of the offers and don’t miss out on the best nuggets. We remind you that the most serious deals go out in hours, even minutes. Especially since Singles Day ends in just a few days at the merchant, these discounts won’t be available anytime soon, if at all.

Here’s a look at two e-commerce companies where it’s happening:

Check out the deals on AliExpress

Check out the deals on Amazon

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