In Canada’s north, the city of Faro is experiencing a renaissance – Eye on the Arctic

In Canada's north, the city of Faro is experiencing a renaissance - Eye on the Arctic

Tina Freak bought one of these houses. According to him, Faro is attractive to young families because it is small, safe, friendly and affordable.

We are no longer an abandoned mining community. I’d say we’re more of a family community now than anything else, and there’s a lot going on.Tina Freak lives in Faro

A recent census shows Faroe as the fastest-growing populous community in the territory. This has increased by 26% between 2016 and 2021.

Sou Mayor, Jack Bowers, even thinks his population may exceed 500 from the census. Once considered a liability, these homes have now become an asset. »

A massive health plan

The mine rehabilitation project is expected to require 15 years of work, followed by 20 to 25 years of monitoring and testing.

This year, American company Parsons won a contract from the Canadian government to clean up and maintain the site. In a press release, he boasted that the deal “could extend over 20 years and exceed $2 billion.”

Our future is secure,” said Mayor Bowers. “The central government is committed to this issue, which means we have job security here. »

It is expected to take 15 years to complete the Faroe mine cleanup site, which took off here in October 2021. (Vincent Bone/Radio Canada)

Despite this revival, few expect the city’s population to return to what it was at its peak. Some locals, like Katie Peeling, want her to grow a little, but not too much.

I think most people here want to be a small town,” he says. “A thousand would be good to support the store, the gas station and some other small places. »

I don’t think Faro will disappear because the city is still there, even though it has had the chance many times.Katie Peeling lives in Farrow

Moving to Faro in 1974, he recalls seeing the population fluctuate several times.

Maybe six times, because the seventh wave might hit Faroe,” he says.

Katie Peeling says she never lost faith in Farrow, even in the most difficult of times. On the contrary, she was convinced that it was during these difficult times that the Pharaoh would survive anything.

Based on a report by Paul Tucker

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