Get your shovel and scraper ready: the first snow is coming

A great storm

A combination of the remnants of Nicole and a low from Colorado will bring snow to parts of Quebec this weekend. North coast can get a wide area. Behind this system, cold land will be gained. This push of arctic air will settle in Bellevue for several days.

snow1 (1)

Snow is coming

Another system is expected to reach Quebec by the middle of next week. Hence the presence of cold favors solid precipitation. However, the trajectory of depression remains to be seen. If the wind creates a clear path to the south of the province, snow will also appear in Montreal and Monterrey. If the temperature is low, everything turns into rain.

Ice 2

Favorable environment

Until November 23, Quebec will be across low pressure systems. This active pathway favors snowfall in combination with cooling. Temperatures should stay below freezing overnight.

Ice 4

In collaboration with Bertin Ozonen, meteorologist.

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