An Experienced Sideswipe Car Accident Attorney’s Approach

Sideswipe incidents often result in loss of control, severe injuries, and even death. A sideswipe vehicle accident lawyer can assist you to list all damages in your claim.

Before filing, have an attorney review everything. Self-filing gives the insurance firm an edge. Before accepting any compensation, consult a lawyer.

Sideswipe Accidents:

Most sideswipe incidents involve two cars going the same way. One car enters the other’s lane and hits its side. It’s generally what happens after the first accident that’s more serious.

After a sideswipe, the second motorist might swiftly veer away from the first. This can cause the automobile to roll over, impact other vehicles, objects, or persons, or enter oncoming traffic. These activities can injure or kill.

Sideswipe victims have the same rights as other vehicle accident victims. However, legal issues may make some situations tougher to approve. A skilled attorney will approach a sideswipe automobile accident lawsuit based on these issues.

While every sideswipe case is different, our lawyers follow a regular procedure for our clients. We provide this overview.


Establishing negligence is necessary to file a claim. Our attorneys will investigate the sideswipe accident first.

Distracted drivers cause sideswipe accidents. Objects like:

  • Driving and texting
  • GPS navigation
  • Changing radio stations or phone tunes
  • Snapchat, Instagram stories, or other social media

The motorist may be sleepy, agitated with road rage, intoxicated or high, or forgetting to check lanes, blind spots, or signals before merging. These considerations justify suing the careless driver.

Sideswipe Accident Fault

Sideswipe car accident are also tougher to prove responsibility in. The first motorist may sideswipe the second. The first motorist is responsible for departing their lane. What if the second driver swerves and crashes a third car, injuring more people?

If the first motorist denies responsibility, hits, and runs, or the insurance company blames the second driver, proving they caused the collision might be challenging.

Without legal assistance, the victim may struggle to prove their innocence. This is why a sideswipe automobile accident victim requires an expert car accident attorney. They’ll examine the evidence and negotiate a reasonable settlement for you, not just the insurers.

Insurance Negotiations

Because sideswipe accident injuries may look minor, insurance firms are more prone to reject claims.

Sideswipes, which occur when cars are close together, can cause scratches, shattered side-view mirrors, and door dents. Jerking actions can cause whiplash, neck, and shoulder discomfort.

Insurance companies may minimize these injuries, which may be quite painful and dangerous. Our attorneys will negotiate a fair settlement and ensure they don’t swindle you out of your deserved recompense here.

Most Cases Settle Without Court

Our lawyers resolve most sideswipe instances out of court. However, sometimes trial is essential to get the most money for your claim. In these circumstances, many law firms withdraw their services to avoid a lengthy court struggle.

Never. We won’t quit if discussions fail. Any qualified attorney will do everything necessary to secure your financial compensation.

Claim Now!

Even with an expert lawyer, filing your claim late reduces your chances of a fair settlement. After the filing deadline, you can’t get a full settlement.

It’s better to act soon after an accident while evidence is still available. If you’re unsure how to begin, don’t worry. A free consultation can help you choose your next steps and how to pursue compensation.

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Sideswipe accident lawsuits can be challenging for victims seeking compensation. Don’t suffer alone or lose out on what you need to heal from the accident.

We never represent the insurance company in sideswipe automobile accidents at Sutliff & Stout, Injury & Accident Law Firm. Call or fill out the form on the right to start your free consultation.

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