Terrawater, a “realistic” scenario for the electricity mix in 2050

Terrawater, a "realistic" scenario for the electricity mix in 2050

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As the debate heats up about nuclear power’s place in tomorrow’s manufacturing, a new scenario is combining nuclear power, renewables and hydraulic storage.

By Geraldine Woessner

“I amI had a dream…” These are all scenarios of the energy mix of the future submitted to public debate, whether emerging from the RTE electricity transmission network, ‘Ademe or Negawatt: technologies (needs not yet available), behaviors (society must radically change to consume less) or resources (availability of goods) All are based on very ambitious assumptions (in terms of nature). Essential is not guaranteed.) While discussions on the next Multi-Year Energy Plan (which will allow for the rapid shutdown of the current, some fifteen nuclear reactors as they become obsolete) begin soon, the Commission…

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