Perhaps we should rethink the creation of the Earth

Selon une étude, le magnétisme permet de mieux comprendre la formation de la Terre

We know that Earth was formed when dust and large rocks, attracted by Earth’s gravity, came together. Nevertheless, several hypotheses regarding this process remain to be verified. A recent study shed light on some details of the mechanism.

According to a study, magnetism allows us to better understand the formation of the Earth

Have you ever imagined how the Earth and the Moon were formed? Scientists are always trying to find a A rational explanation for this phenomenon. Hence, the hypothesis of a giant impact that would have resulted in the moon was born. Conflict Young Earth also A The parent planet About the size of Mars. Today, scientists have achieved a breakthrough in their research on this subject. Recent studies suggest that it can explain the formation of the earth Earth’s magnetic field.

But when did the Earth begin to become magnetized?

The Researchers at the University of Leeds And one Chicago Researched about Fluid Mechanics and Electrically Conducting Fluids. Through this analysis, it was possible to determine when the Earth began to become magnetized, i.e. before or after the collision. It is in this way that scientists want to refine the different theories about the creation of the Earth.

According to David HughesA Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leeds, theorists of the time underestimated the potential of this link. However, according to him, it will take a leading position i’History of the Earth-Moon System.

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A theory based on the specific properties of the geodynamo

The Earth dynamoAlso known as GeodynamoConductive and rotating fluid The core of the blue planet. It serves To induce multiple magnetic field lines. This motion is a result of the Earth’s rotation.

Geodynamo, Earth and its magnetic field

According to the claim Fausto Cattaneo, Professor and astrophysicist at the University of ChicagoEarth dynamo “A strong magnetic field can be maintained, but a weak field cannot be amplified”. So if she wants to go out, can no longer be executed automatically. It is in this sense that scientists try to understand Formation of the Earth-Moon system. Therefore, it is a question of whether the primordial Earth was already magnetized or not.

Detailed research on the evolution of magnetic fields

The Teacher Hughes It encourages scientists to do more research Origin and evolution of magnetic fields.

If that’s true, you have to wonder where the magnetic field comes from in the first place.. »

Professor Hughes

And, still according to him, the study of magnetism must be obligatory in the history of the earth. Then, how to ensure resilience magnetic field If we do not talk about its origin and its specific characteristics? Either way, researchers already have their hypothesis. The specific nature of the magnetic field will be a A direct result of impact Or maybe its state before impact.

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