McDonald’s France Announces McQuesadilla Launch Soon!

McDonald’s France annonce la sortie du McQuesadilla en durée limitée !

McDonald’s France has just announced the arrival of the McQuesadilla. A true delight for all cuisines.

Good news for foodies! McDonald’s France has just released a new product on its menu. Actually, it’s a mequesadilla. But be careful, this is only for a limited time. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s is the king of opportunities

It’s no longer a secret. Nowadays, McDonald’s is one of the restaurant chains Very popular fast. Because! The company has establishments in every country in the world.

But in addition to serving delicious burgers, the latter A true professional swing. Anyway, that’s what Camille Belajew, Operations Manager at McDonald’s France seems to have said in the 7th issue of C Mon Job produced by BSmart.

At just 26 years old, Then the young man climbs the ladder Speed. His works: Ensure smooth, sweet and hot service to customers. To ensure that there is a good atmosphere and that my team works in the best environment”.

A job he loves. “I thought it would be difficult. In the end, no, it’s not. You have to have the right methods. You have to have the right temperament and know how to work well.“, he added. What he likes most of all? The human side. “I love supporting my teams. I love being by their side every day and developing their skills.

Also, his ambition now is to become a director. A dream that McDonald’s will allow to come true in a few years. “It’s really easy to make it when you want it. McDonald’s France offers many opportunities. I hope to go as high as possible”. MCE TV tells you more about the fast food chain.

McQuesadilla available soon

So you will understand, McDonald’s also makes it possible to reach out Professional goals. But above all, fast food is known for its tasty burgers, crispy fries and crunchy nuggets.

Oh yes! You can already feel your taste buds tingling. But this is only the beginning. Because! A new product should be coming soon.

“Limited Time. McQuesadilla™: Wheat pancakes stuffed with cheese and melted cheese. Cold: Relax. chair = chair »McDonald wrote on social networks.

Additionally, the company added: “Free game with no obligation to purchase from 07/11/2022 to 19/12/2022. See full game rules, terms of participation and prize details at Non-contractual scenarios”.

Tweets that you love and never fail to make internet users react. Either way, one thing is for sure, it makes McDonald’s happy All cuisines of France.

Not long ago, the American company was also launched A brand new chicken burger. This is forever! Too bad for McQuesadilla lovers, it’s a special time. But don’t panic! You should still have time to enjoy this delicious sandwich! Yum.

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