Discover the new collection of Snow Globe Wonderland winter candles from Yankee Candle®!

Discover the new collection of Snow Globe Wonderland winter candles from Yankee Candle®!

Founded in 1969, American company Yankee Candle® has continued to reinvent itself through the seasons. Just in time for the year-end celebrations, the brand specializing in candles is putting a new addictive collection online! Christmas 2022 will be placed under the sign of sweet pleasures! Attention, this collection is limited, don’t wait any longer to get cracking!

Yankee Candle New Arrivals® Christmas 2023: Snow Globe Wonderland Collection

If you want to create a truly cozy nest, the collection Snow Globe Wonderland Yankee Candle® was made for you! It provides Five new flavors With the most enticing titles: “Amazing Snow Globe”, “Mint Rolled Biscuits”, “ Sweet cookies“, “Winter Night Under the Stars” and “Frozen Kisses”.

Under the title “Sweet Cookies” A Proust hides a madeleine: the scent of a homemade cake covered in festive fruit, sprinkled with powdered sugar and spun sugar.. This candle exudes delicious notes of pineapple, lemon, apricot and apple, but also cinnamon, jasmine, lily of the valley and brandy. Not forgetting the base notes of powdered sugar, amphora, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk and moss. A real olfactory treat! such as “Snow Ball”, It’s a candle that echoes the idyllic winter world with notes of icy mint, eucalyptus and cedar. The scent of cedar wood, praline and snow moss will immerse you in a relaxing and enchanting atmosphere. Candles are available in different sizes (small, medium or large jars) to suit your living room and your personal needs.

Yankee Candle New Arrivals® Christmas 2023: The signature collection gets a makeover

Included in the Yankee Candle® Signature Collection Jar candles fitted Two threads and produced Soy wax High quality. This year, the collection has been redesigned to appeal to both neophytes and long-time regulars. The Yankee Candle® Signature Collection has been redesigned with two new modern containers: Jar candles and jar candles. This new design features a brushed pewter lid that fits perfectly under the base to act as a decorative coaster. Hand-illustrated labels represent the different scents. Both practical and colorful, they bring A little decorative touch That makes all the difference!

Yankee Candle New Arrivals® Christmas 2023: Quality products and exclusive service

In addition to original fragrance and decorative containers, the Yankee Candle® brand offers Fast and careful shipping. Yankee Candle® ships all parcels in boxes specially designed for long trips, ensuring their perfect condition upon receipt. But Yankee Candle®’s greatest strength is giving Strictly selected perfumesReviewed and tested by a panel of perfume experts to achieve a powerful fragrance and quality experience.

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