Elon Musk deletes one of his tweets after being “rated” by a Frenchman

Elon Musk deletes one of his tweets after being "rated" by a Frenchman

A master of the genre, Frenchman Argunir received more likes than Billionaire in a publication where he boasted of being a “master of provocation.” Eventually he deleted his post.

Another win for Arguineer? French Twitter and its 535,000 subscribers have made the world’s richest man visible. After “rattling” Emmanuel Macron in July 2021, the young man did it again by attacking Elon Musk. Specifically, “rate” consists of responding to a message — in this case on Twitter — and getting more likes than the original post. Hitting Elon Musk and his 114 million subscribers is no easy feat.

Twitter’s new boss has spent ten days stirring up controversy on the social network, boasting of being the “master of provocation”.

“What do you call a master of provocation?” Elon Musk wrote. “I don’t know, but call this rate” Arguineir piece.

Within an hour, the tweet had grown to more likes than Elon Musk had received on his message. Proportion passed. Although Argunir’s role in that decision cannot be verified, the billionaire deleted his post.

But the Frenchman was not the first. In July 2021, Argunir received a response to a tweet by Emmanuel Macron before “Ratio”.

Another achievement for the 20-year-old who became the only Twitter user to follow the company’s official account.

Thomas Le Roy Journalist BFM Business

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