In an emergency, Elon Musk either quits Twitter or plays doubles

In an emergency, Elon Musk either quits Twitter or plays doubles

A week after taking charge of Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk worries more than he lets on. After Brutal dismissal, Friday Reactions are mounting from nearly half of the 7,500 employees of the social network founded in San Francisco (California) on November 4. In the face of the seriousness of its conclusions and the concept of freedom of expression.

Paid plan

His first major project, A redesign of the Twitter Blue subscription, can be urgently implemented today. This is a $7.99 (€8) paid plan that provides access to a certified account and various benefits.

A way to generate new revenue on Twitter Loses four million dollars every day, According to its owner. But Elon Musk also believes that assigning certified accounts to public figures is a form of feudalism. Power to the people! He started last week By opening this opportunity to all subscribers.

The problem of content evaluation

In addition, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Dürk spoke on Saturday on the question of content control. In an open letter, he reminds her of that Twitter should refrain from promoting content that violates people’s rights. That week, Elon Musk promised to prioritize content moderation, but that proved unconvincing.

He also has to convince the banks. Because up to 13 billion dollars in contracted loans must be repaid by the social network, which reached five billion in 2021.

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