Heating: Should you leave it on all day or turn it on when you get home to save money?

Heating: Should you leave it on all day or turn it on when you get home to save money?

Unfortunately, the question is not that simple to decide…it depends on a few factors.

Even if the cold decides to show the tip of the nose and some are reluctant to turn on the heat, all French families should fix this.

known to be the most important expenditure item for households (66% of household energy consumption) and given the energy crisis, it is useful to know good practices to avoid unpleasant surprises on invoices. Do not use electricity unnecessarily.

too i’Adam, Environment and Energy Management Institute, Recommends turning down the heat when you’re outside, the answer to whether or not to turn off the heat is not so clear cut. Because energy consumption mainly depends on energy loss and depends on its location.

Two methods depending on housing

truly, It depends on the accommodation In which the consumer lives and especially the insulation of the latter prevents heat loss from being excessive or preventing it from leaving.

If we Leave the heat on all day, It is necessary A few degrees lower A thermostat for that To maintain heat in rooms. Because consumption is low spreads throughout the day.

But if Housing is poorly insulated, The heat loss important and The heater is forced draft To maintain a low temperature. So that’s it counterproductive.

When you turn the heat back on, you also need to take into account the time it takes High energy at startup, when switching, does not count the time to fully heat the parts. So energy flow is important. So the equipment runs at full speed.

But directing your heat where you need it most will be more profitable.

It should also be noted that Ventilate a roomIt is necessaryTurn off your heat, so the energy should not be used for anything. But in this particular case, we disconnected our device, so we need to restart it The latter should run at startup and warm up the room.

One thing is for sure, In a long absence It is strongly recommended to cut.

Check your consumption to find out

Only one way: Nothing could be simpler to find which method is best suited for your home. Check the energy consumption for a month.

Compare using the first method for the first 15 days and the second method for the last 15 days.

Then, to make a test of continuity and without much variation, the temperature and humidity should be higher or lower during the month.

Insulation should be checked

To save energy in heating, there is no secret: the shelter must be well insulated.

It is important to perform an energy balance before starting work: changing the floor, walls, floor insulation, windows.

Then, look for a more economical way to heat yourself, for example installing a boiler.

Different degrees depending on regions

Suitable temperatures are: 17°C in bedrooms, 22°C in bathrooms and 19°C to 21°C, knowing that living rooms should not be overheated. In other living rooms c.

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