At the Faculty of Science in Nice, are we going to do these courses on critical thinking and scientific method without Jeditics?

At the Faculty of Science in Nice, are we going to do these courses on critical thinking and scientific method without Jeditics?

Stimulus, in columns, of good morning Saturday, October 22, from Fuzzy Symposium at Walrose University Antivax, sectarian excesses, cults and pseudoscience were mixed in, not to everyone’s surprise. Defenders of zetetics in particular fear they are at risk.

The discipline seeks to develop a sense of criticality in an educational way by debunking phenomena presented as supernatural (astrology, telekinesis…) in a rational, scientific manner.

Before reaching France, Jettique was born in Nice in Walros in the 1980s. Will it die out here too?

Classes cancelled, campus threatened

First his teaching disappeared in early 2019. “Without informing teachers”One of them states.

Now the Zetetic Analysis Center – a place of documentary evidence – but also the office of the association that hosts conferences and events outside the faculty, is threatened by the redevelopment of the university campus. This was told to the public during a conference at Espace Garibaldi on October 14.

Over the phone, Nice biophysicist Henri Broch, the father of genetics, is shy: a meeting with management is scheduled, and he still has hope that a solution will be found. But he affirms: “We were not offered a transfer.”

He understood that material problems, displacement of computers, thousands of books, could be set aside even if the association wanted to fix the premises occupied for free.

On the other hand, he denounces the fundamental, structural problem: the abolition of subjects at the University of Nice in 2019 is too radical, according to him.

“Zetetics is fundamental, especially at this time”

Henri Broch drew a parallel with a conflict taking place at the University of Nancy: Thomas Durand, a YouTuber known by the nickname La Tronche en Bias, was dismissed for criticizing homeopathy in his jettic lessons.

“Jetics is important, fundamentalHenry Broch insists. This is the art of doubt. Develop critical thinking. Especially at this time, the flood of information, especially in social networks. Conspirators tend to select only information that is favorable to them and eliminate anything that is questionable. There are only instinctive reactions. It makes the gut work instead of the brain. We want the opposite.”

When contacted, the university administration did not respond to our requests.

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