500 drones in New York skies to celebrate 10 years of Candy Crush

500 drones in New York skies to celebrate 10 years of Candy Crush

Thursday, November 3, 2022, 500 drone want took over the skies of New York For a very large business operation. Impressive show Celebrate 10 years of Candy Crush.

500 drones in New York skies

If 500 drones were flying in the skies of New York at once, it was thanks to British company Digital King Entertainment. to Celebrate 10 years of the popular game, the company decided to create Candy Crush Saga’s logo in the sky of an American city. Initially, the Marketing Director of Candy Crush “ Turn the sky into the biggest screen on the planet “. If on the surface the event appears to be a huge success, it is also highly controversial.

In fact, some consider it to be one A form of visual pollution And the organizers of the event were particularly lashed out. New York State Senator Brad Hoyleman is very serious about this. He thinks ” It is outrageous to spoil our city’s skies for private purposes. It harms New Yorkers, our local laws, public safety and wildlife. “.

Indeed, the company behind the event had to Break the laws To organize this event successfully. Normally, New York City does not allow drones to fly over the city. That’s why 500 drones flew across the Hudson River, which forms the border between New York and New Jersey. The company received a Special offer Liberty State Park is not far from the Statue of Liberty.

In June 2022, the NBA had already invited the company to organize a show with drones. Societies for the protection of the planet urged to recall all ” The Hudson River is a migratory route for birds from Canada “. According to Dustin Partridge ” Luckily it was dark. It is surprising that this comes without thinking about the environmental impact and the birds flying in the same airspace as these drones. “.

However, drones abound in the skies. In Belgium, for example, drones Transport clinical samples by 2024. In the US, Amazon It plans to launch its drone delivery service in California by the end of 2022 : ” Consumers can choose from thousands of products. They will be dropped by drone in their garden or doorstep “.

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