I discover and learn the power of flowers

I discover and learn the power of flowers

During my vacation, I was able to learn more about plants through Picture This. An app that is more versatile and has more tools to help you on a daily basis.

At first glance, the concept of this film is not revolutionary. Google Lens already has an AI feature that helps it identify a plant from a simple photo. You will be directed to the Wikipedia page of the plant in question, allowing you to learn more. This application, available on Android and iOS, can identify, but not be limited to, every plant you see in the picture.

If you take photos of plants in your home, you can add them to the “My Garden” tab. Thanks for that, Take a photo of this A battery advises you to care for your plant with the amount of sun needed and the frequency of watering. Each plant has a card where you can take notes and set watering or fertilizing reminders.

Reliable but not flawless AI

I downloaded the image during a trip to Andalusia where we visited the beautiful gardens of the Alhambra and Alcazar Palace. I admit, botany is not one of my specialties, some plants are sometimes unknown to us. So, we called on the mobile app’s AI, which very easily recognizes the plant in question and gives its scientific name. As expected in 2022, the state of artificial intelligence is too good to fail.

Don’t think that you can’t take it for granted. If there are unexpected elements in the photo, the application software may be tricked. For example, the ficus in our apartment is decorated with a small mushroom wreath and suffered some bite marks from our cat. A couple of elements that the app correlates with disease… However, all you have to do to fix this error is take another photo.

In terms of daily care, the application is very comprehensive, giving resistance temperatures for each plant, but also a guide to pruning, harvesting and common pests.

A useless, but ubiquitous premium

Like YouTube, every time you open it, the app asks whether or not you want to subscribe to the premium version, which costs 32.99 euros per year. You are offered a 7-day free trial, but it’s very limited. In fact, together with garden experts can give you a diagnosis of your plants, but also consult step-by-step maintenance. Books on gardening and flowers are also available.

In its free version, PictureThis is mostly self-contained with a wide range of features. In additional components, you can identify which plants are poisonous to protect your pets. In addition, there is a complete file for each identified plant.

You’re entitled to frequently asked questions about species, garden expert advice, related poems and coding techniques to learn the language of plants. At the height of coquetry, you can share your photos with your loved ones on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. In short, the image is one of many existing applications Plant identification such as PlantNet. It is as useful at home as it is outdoors.

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