Finance allegedly helped Iran evade US sanctions!

Finance allegedly helped Iran evade US sanctions!

Sat 05 Nov 2022 ▪ 9:00 PM ▪
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Could Binance Platform Help Iran Profit From Global Financial System Despite US Sanctions? That’s the question analysts are asking today as rumors of a collaboration between the exchange and the country reverberate. effect, According to the information we have, he has financed several Iranian transactions. Worse still, this aid is said to have lasted since 2018 and nearly $8 billion in transactions have been processed. Blockchain data is what makes it possible to have these mind-blowing statistics.

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Finance is said to have facilitated the transactions of Iranian companies

Cooperation between finance and Iran behind US since 2018?

Chain analysisThe American Blockchain Analytics Institute is formal, Finance has been dealing with Iran for 4 years. Specifically, the exchange is said to be cooperative Nobitex, Iran’s largest crypto exchange. From 2018 to today, almost $8 billion would have circulated in various transactions. Also, Novitex has never hidden its willingness to circumvent US restrictions and provide solutions to its users.

As a reminder, in February 2018, the United States imposed several sanctions on financial transactions against Iran. In 2014, i.e. 4 years ago, BNP Paribas Sentenced Compensation to the United States For dealing with Iranian customers. Government of Barack Obama want To isolate Tehran economically He lashed out at any company that opposed it.

Binance and the Finance Iranians Done with Cryptotron. This virtual currency has the distinction of being discreet and users can easily hide their identity. A few months ago, Nobitex reportedly wrote an entire article encouraging users to adopt Tron en masse. This app token was the best solution Trade anonymously and securely.

These revelations are the result of US investigations against the Binance exchange. The Biden administration suspects the site of possible violations of related rules Financial fraud. If these transactions are proven, the exchange could be hostile to US justice with possible trade barriers.


In total, Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance, kicks off all allegations against his site. The company maintains strict adherence to rules and sanctions against Iran. It even claims to have blocked Iranian users’ diversion attempts by banning them.


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