Here are the cutest baby names according to science

Here are the cutest baby names according to science


If you’re looking for inspiration based on first names, this article will give you ideas!

Every year we find out List of most popular first names. This time, we’re changing the register a bit because we’re going to reveal some really cool-sounding first names. This ranking didn’t come out of nowhere because it was the result of a research that found out By our Flare colleaguesA personalized baby is commissioned by the brand My 1st years, in collaboration with Dr Bodo Winter, Associate Professor of Cognitive Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. The latter used principles of linguistics to classify the most popular first names according to their consonant position, meaning the way they “sound” to the human ear.

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We found that the most beautiful sounding male name would be Zayn. Originating from Arabia, this first name means “beauty” and “grace”, so it is not surprising that it is considered to have a very beautiful sound. In the United Kingdom, Zayn has become a very popular first name due to the success of singer Zayn Malik, a former member of the band One Direction. Among girls, Sophia won the prize. Originally from Greek, the first name means “wisdom”.

In the rest of the classification, we find Jesse, Charlie, Matthew and Louie among the boys. Zoe, Everly, Rosie and Sophie round out the top five cutest girl names. The first names starting with the letter E seem to prefer a certain sound in the top 20 Ellie, Emily, Evelyn, Eva and Elena.

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