Discover 6 Ways You Shouldn’t Charge Your Phone!

Discover 6 Ways You Shouldn't Charge Your Phone!

Frandroid conducted a survey of its internet users and found that 48.8% of them charge their phone once a day. 22.7% of them will be Forced to charge twice a day! But when not to charge your phone?

When should you not charge your phone?

According to Planet.frHere are the times when you shouldn’t charge your phone.

All through the night

At night, charging the phone leads to unnecessary use of electricity. In fact, leaving your phone plugged in all night, including when it’s 100% charged, can harm the phone’s battery.

8 AM to 1 PM.

This is when the network gets busy. If you subscribe to the peak/off-peak rate, skip this time slot!

5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Avoid charging your phone between 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, peak hours when the network is heavy. If you subscribe to the peak/off-peak rate, skip this time slot!

When the Ecowatt warning is red

If Energy Weather informs you about a power grid surge, it is better not to charge your mobile phone.

In transports

Today, public transport has USB ports to charge your phone. However, they pose a risk to the privacy of your data.

Especially near your bed

Bad vibes are emanating from your phone. Sleeping next to your charging phone is very bad for your health. Put your phone in another room at night.

When should you avoid charging your phone?

Battery A smartphone component with a short lifespan. To avoid changing it too quickly, prefer it Recharge from 40 or 50% battery. If you don’t want to cause irreversible damage to your battery, it’s better to do several small recharges during the day rather than a long night of charging.

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