WhatsApp Communities Launches in France: Everything You Need to Know


After months of rumors and testing, WhatsApp has announced the launch of its new Communities feature, allowing multiple discussion groups to merge into one place.

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WhatsApp app // Source: Unsplash Mourizal Zativa

Almost a year after the first rumors about this new functionality, WhatsApp finally announced the arrival of “Communities” in its instant messaging application this Thursday. What allows him to follow a function similar to what we can get to know elsewhere on platforms like Slack or Discord.

In a message posted on Twitter, Meta Group’s messaging service announced that it is rolling out a “Communities” feature for all its users.

Welcome to the communities 👋

Now administrators can bring relevant groups together in one place to organize conversations.

arranged. Private. Connected 🤝 pic.twitter.com/u7ZSmrs7Ys

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) November 3, 2022

Welcome to the communities. Now admins can create groups in one place to organize conversations. arranged. Private. attached” says WhatsApp.

The accompanying video allows you to learn a little more about the functioning of these communities. Sure, you can create a new community directly from the dedicated tab on the WhatsApp home page. From then on, you can add groups of people and share messages to all of these conversations or just one. WhatsApp mandates that messages sent across communities are end-to-end encrypted. “Alternatives available today require trusted applications or software vendors to keep a copy of your messages. We’ve chosen to protect your messages in the most secure way possible with end-to-end encryption“, specifying the service In a blog post.

Also, unlike Facebook groups, WhatsApp communities are private and therefore cannot be found through a simple search. So it is the administrator’s responsibility to add groups or members who can participate.

Up to 1024 users in WhatsApp group

In addition to communities, Meta has added new features to WhatsApp. This is the case with video calls that can now have up to 32 participants. The messaging app allows you to create polls within a discussion group. Finally, Groups can now host up to 1024 users versus 512 users.

The WhatsApp update starts rolling out from this Thursday. It will be progressiveIn the coming months», and this is not just across the Atlantic, but around the world.

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