The White House deleted the tweet after Twitter intervened

The White House deleted the tweet after Twitter intervened

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged that the initial tweet, which has since been deleted, was “incomplete.”

The White House on Wednesday retracted a tweet that included Twitter purporting to be the purpose of information put forward by Joe Biden’s communications service in the midst of the US election season. ‘Senior pension hike is biggest in 10 years, thanks to President Joe Biden’tweeted the official account of the White House.

But a 1972 law approved by Richard Nixon (Republican President) added a note stating that pensions are indexed to the rate of inflation. The original tweet, which has since been removed, “not quite”and scarcity “Environment”White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged.

Context notes are written by independent contributors to Twitter’s birdwatching program and are supported by related posts if people with different opinions consider them. “useful”. “The algorithm takes into account not only how many reviewers find the rating helpful or not, but also whether those who rated it represent different viewpoints”Twitter explains in a statement from October 6 that the Californian company launched the program for the benefit in the United States.

Making Twitter ‘the most trusted news source on Earth’

“Social Rating System is Better”Elon Musk, the new owner of the social network, responded to the user who shared a screenshot of the deleted tweet with a note. “Our goal is to make Twitter the most trusted source of information on Earth, without political bias”he added.

After six months of twists and turns and tensions between the multi-billionaire and several users, board leaders (now fired) and NGOs, the Tesla and SpaceX boss bought the influential site last Thursday. Elon Musk defends less strict content ratings than the current one to encourage more freedom of expression. The US right-wing, which sees censorship on major social networks, approves of this view. But its critics believe that the limits set by the regulations, particularly bans on harassment, hate speech and misinformation, allow for productive debate.

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