“16 Psyche”, an asteroid that can make everyone on Earth very rich

"16 Psyche", an asteroid that can make everyone on Earth very rich

Get resources in space to enrich every citizen? It creates the dream. However, an upcoming NASA mission, if successful, could lead to such a scenario. The American space agency has actually studied an asteroid called “16 Psyche” of inestimable value.

According to Forbes, “16 Syk” is an asteroid 226 kilometers wide, with a core of iron, nickel and gold … 10,000 quadrillion euros. If this amount were distributed among the world’s population, each would receive approximately… 1.4 billion euros!

While NASA had already planned to send an unmanned mission to “16 Psych” in 2022 in 2019, the launch will be postponed to October 10, 2023 due to development and software issues, the agency announced. But it takes 6 more. Years, until August 2029, will actually arrive on the asteroid located between Mars and Jupiter.

relayed as H.L.N, however, do not ignite. Because the primary task will be exploration, not exploitation. Then, astronomical quantities can only be created if the asteroid is brought to Earth whole, mined and processed. However, it is impossible to bring “Psyche 16” to our planet. This could be done in phases with more expensive mining operations, but that too is in the future.

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