Taking over Twitter: 5 Alternatives for Those Who Want to Leave the Social Network

Taking over Twitter: 5 Alternatives for Those Who Want to Leave the Social Network

Billionaire Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter since October 27. This news made some users want to leave the social network. Here are 5 social media tips to attract disillusioned bluebirds.

Property Twitter By Elon MuskA controversial personality has reportedly scared off thousands of users Guardian. However, there are alternatives to the site.

Counter community

This social network dates back to 2017 and was created by an anonymous American hacker using the pseudonym “Jester”. With more than 63 million visitors per month, it presents itself as the next generation of social media. Its directive is clear: no trolls, ads or influence operations. The site provides access to news and the opportunity to build communities.

However CounterSocial is not available in some countries ChinaThe North KoreaThe Pakistan Or even Russia. In fact, according to the company, these countries are “known to be the origin points of most robots and trolls”. It is available on smartphones and computers.


Popular among gamers, Discord has over 150 million active monthly users. Considered similar to chat rooms, the social network does not have an open public space.

For example, you can join discussion groups on specific topics. The app also lets you listen to music with friends at the same time Spotify.

The app is available on mobile and computers.


Touted as a social network for professionals, the site has been revamped and has some features similar to Twitter. Links to videos, images, other content are now available LinkedIn. Owned by Microsoft since 2016, it has 875 million followers.


A Twitter alternative launched in 2016 that replaces “tweets” with “toots”. Like the little blue bird social network, it’s accessible on mobile and desktop.

He has already had a small success Ever since Elon Musk formalized his rival’s arrival at the helm. In fact, the site gained 10,801 users the day after the announcement and 22,139 users since last week. The Washington Post.


It is more of an online forum than a social media. Users use it to comment on messages. Like Discord, “subreddits” can be used to discuss specific topics, from celebrities to animals to historical figures.

It was co-founded by former world tennis star husband Alexis Ohanian Serena Williams.

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