Google has changed its home page to include a simpler feature

Google has changed its home page to include a simpler feature

The search engine’s home page gets a new button to launch a one-click image search.

Changes to Google’s home page are too rare to notice. Mountain View has no habit of changing the interface of one of the most visited pages in the world! The last major change on the search engine side was made a year ago. Google actually kicked off the arrival of a dark theme It can be activated from the settings menu.

A year later, the American company has made a change that will undoubtedly go unnoticed by many users. Google’s home page search box now has a dedicated button for visual search Google Lens. Google Vice President Rajan Patel announced this on his own Twitter account.

Google Lens is accessible almost everywhere

Presented at the annual Google I/O conference in 2017, the Google Lens image analysis and search module was originally only available on smartphones. The American giant kept it A year later Google Assistant and Google Photos were released Before rendering in formAn independent application On Android and iOS.

Since then, Google Lens has come a long way. Indeed, Google’s image analysis module, in turn, Integrated into the web version of Google PhotosBefore coming, more recently, Right-click the context menu in Google Chrome. A very practical feature to quickly check that an image posted on social networks is not a total fake.

Start a search by image in the search engine

Now, you can directly access Google Lens from the search box on the Google homepage. To use the Google Lens search panel, just click on the dedicated button and drag and drop the image you want to start a query on.

Google Search is Google Lens

Thus Google will give you three tab results: the first one shows visual matches, the second one allows you to extract the text displayed in the image, and the third one, for content in foreign languages, its translation.



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