Cyber ​​attack in Frontignan: Town hall services hacked, hackers demand ransom

Cyber ​​attack in Frontignan: Town hall services hacked, hackers demand ransom

The services of Frontignon’s town hall were affected by the hacking, the data has been encrypted. A ransom has been demanded by the hackers. The town hall implemented a backup for quick recovery of the computer system.

The town hall of Frontignan la Peyrade was subject to a computer cyber attack from Wednesday 26 to Thursday 27 October.

Computer hackers encrypted the community’s data before locking access to the town hall’s servers. Now demand the ransom to not delete the data.

Complaint and investigation by judicial police

The municipality notes that “the community refuses to pay any demands for ransom, like thousands of companies, organizations and local authorities that have been subjected to such attacks throughout the past months.”

The town hall filed a complaint and the case is now being handled by the Cybercrime Unit of the Montpellier Department of Justice Police.

“As of Thursday morning, the City’s Department of Information Technology and Digital Services (DSIN) implemented a full-scale operation to control the risk and recover data with a specialized service provider,” the Town Hall said in a statement.

It will gradually return to normal

DSIN has cut off internet and messaging access to all social services.

At the same time, a long process is underway to recover all the affected data, thanks to the encrypted backup system set up by the community.

“A gradual return to normality is expected by analyzing every computer in the community before reconnecting with networks and software, prioritizing services and guidelines for communicating with the public. Telephone communications will remain accessible if they continue to work with municipal officials. , communication by message is affected and several days of restoration. may be required”, notes the Town Hall.

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