Nest on High: A Sign of More Broads to Come?


Admittedly, animals and insects are more attuned to their environment than many humans. That is why there are various beliefs that some of their behavior is related to weather conditions or predictions. Height of wasp nests is one of them.

First is the question of survival

“There’s no scientific basis for the height of wasp nests and the amount of snow we’ll get next winter,” says entomologist and entomologist Marjoline Giroux.Montreal Insectarium.

“This is a popular belief. For example, among the wasps of the genus Tolichoevespula found in Quebec, most species build aerial nests. The new queens, in the spring, decide on the location and choose a place protected from wind, sun and weather,” explains the entomologist.

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Photo: PiccoloNamek, en.wikipedia

The province also has wasps of the genus Vespula. “These build their nests on the ground, for example in abandoned mammoth burrows. So it will be even harder to see the connection with the amount of snow coming,” says Ms Giroux.

Life cycle of wasps

Although they do not provide information about the accumulation of snow, wasps are affected by the weather. “When the first winter temperatures hit, male wasps and worker wasps begin to die. By the end of summer, only the fertilized queens survive. They then leave their nests to spend the winter, for example hidden under leaves. In the spring, they look for a suitable new place to found their colony. Will go,” Ms. Giroux summarizes.

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