IKEA doesn’t like this horror game and is taking legal action

It takes place in a furniture store, which is not to the Swedish brand’s taste.

Known worldwide, the IKEA brand is a reference in terms of affordable furniture. Its objects with unpronounceable names are as iconic as its large showrooms, in which many want to start a game of hide and seek. But sometimes that idea isn’t the best at all…especially in this horror game where the employees of a furniture store want to kill you.

The store is closed An indie game developed by Ziggy that you can’t play yet, but it already has its share of obstacles. In fact, the furniture store of the title looks a lot like the Swedish brand that is now suing. On Twitter, the developer explained that IKEA had contacted him through his team of lawyers and sent him a formal notice.

Ziggy was ordered to change the entire visual identity of its game because it could send a harmful image of the company to consumers. So he has a few more days.”Remove all signs associated with the famous Ikea stores.

However, the developer denies using the IKEA name and regrets changing everything along the way. He explains: “I had planned to prepare an update for all new alpha testers during the last week of my Kickstarter. But now I have to revamp the whole look of the game so I don’t sue.”

In its statement, IKEA mentions all the elements that lead to trust The store is closed Hugely impressed by the brand, there are so many of them. Visually, it must be said that doubt is not allowed very much.

Your game store uses a blue and yellow logo with a Scandinavian name, a blue box-shaped building, the yellow vertical striped shirts worn by IKEA employees, a gray path on the floor, IKEA furniture, and furniture that looks like the product. A sign that looks like IKEA. All of the above is immediately set up in an IKEA store..”

For now, Ziggy wants to comply with the requirements set by the company, so no repercussions are expected, but it’s a blow to the developer who managed to get his game funded on Kickstarter for $49,000. Horror… it won’t see the light of day this Halloween season.

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